Water Pump Solutions


Water Pumps (220V & 380V)

Our water pump options range from domestic, commercial and industrial applications. We have DIY options designed for easy installation options.

System Design

We design Solar Pumping solutions suited to almost every situation making use of natures resources to reduce running cost to the minimum. We can custom design each Solar Pump System to suit every individual requirement.

Water Harvesting Solutions

We currently provide DIY water harvesting options for homes & basic agricultural applications to choose from. We have various options to choose from namely;
Rain Water & Water from Air Harvesting Solutions.

Solar Products

As part of our offering we have a variety of solar related products on offer at very competitive prices. We mainly focus on end user business and is able to offer our products at wholesale prices.

Solar Water Pumps (DC & DC-AC)

We offer solar pumping options from DC to AC solutions. A wide range of applications such as borehole, pressure, transfer and irrigation applications. Various packages available as well as custom designs.

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System Installations

We make use of well experienced specialist installation teams to assist with your pumping project wherever you may need assistance.

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Cyber Nugget IT Services | Garden Route

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We offer a 2 Year Manufacturing Warranty on all our Pumps. T&C’s Apply

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