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Free internal calls, low-cost external calls to South Africa and low calls to international numbers

Atcom A20 VO-LTE IP Phone

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Home VoIP

allows you to make affordable VoIP calls to any telephone number in the world, and free calls to other  VoIP numbers internally, via your Internet connection or normal Mobile Cell Towers.

Keep your Geographic Number! cloud-hosted service, that allows you to port your current Geographic Telephone Number to us and take it with you anywhere in the world.


Business VoIP

Take your business to the next level.
From start-ups to large corporates Cyber Nugget caters to businesses of all sizes.

  • No Contracts
  • Full Remote Working Capabilities
  • Save Up To 50% On Your Monthly Phone Bill
3cx Voip Solutions

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Affordable Telephone Service

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service that allows you to make calls using your internet connection, rather than traditional copper phone lines.

It cuts out unnecessary landline costs, and you will only be charged for your CallTime. Perfect for anyone with Fibre or mobile Internet looking for a home or business telephone number that is flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use.

With our VoIP, you can replace your outdated analogue phone with a future-proof VoIP phone or install the 3CX Voice App on your Smartphone.

We will supply you with a free unique 087,010,044 number, or you can make use of your existing landline number.

Fanvil X4U Gigabit Colour Screen PoE VoIP Phone

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Work Remotely with 3CX Softphone

User-friendly, intuitive interface

  • Easily make / receive calls via simple dialpad and buttons
  • Transfer calls at the click of a button
  • View personal call log / history & contacts
  • Listen to voicemail & record calls.



Quick & simple installation

  • All you need is Windows, a VoIP provider, internet & headset
  • Compatible with a wide variety of VoIP / SIP trunk providers.
  • Supports standard headsets – no need for pricey gadgets.

Softphones for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android

Mobility is a no brainer for 3CX which includes powerful softphones for Mac and Windows as well as smartphone clients for iOS and Android. Answer calls via your office extension on your smartphone or control your deskphone from your desktop with CTI mode. Slash your company’s mobile costs, increase employee productivity and mobility at no additional cost.

  • Use your Extension from Anywhere
  • Easy to Configure and Manage
  • Integrates with Office 365, Google, Outlook and More!

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