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Network Cabling - Network Cabling Solutions

Cyber Nugget provides businesses with the best in complete communications solutions, tailored to meet customers’ individual requirements. We aim to provide our customers with a complete Data, Electrical and Telephone solution. We offer a wide range of products and services including supply, installation and maintenance of Telephony Solutions, Data Cabling encompassing Wireless Networks, High Bandwidth Laser and Power services.

Cyber Nugget have years of experience in the design, installation, testing and certification of structured cabling installations that provide the infrastructure for today’s IT and telephone systems. With the increase in the size of data files that are frequently opened across networks, and the ever more popular deployment of Voice Over IP communications, selecting the correct cabling infrastructure, and its quality and performance have never been more essential in achieving maximum value from your investment in technology.

In simple terms, the physical layer of the network – the cabling and terminations – represents the highway over which all network traffic must travel, and the performance of all network interface devices can only be as high or as fast as the highway allows.


There is no doubt that wired connections that’s based on Ethernet cables usually have faster speed yet lower latency than Wi-Fi connections. And owing to the advanced technology, modern Ethernet cable can communicate at even faster speeds. If it’s a network for your home, office or business, Cyber Nugget will install the correct solution that will suit your needs. 

Communications Infrastructure & Technology Systems

Cat5e (Category 5 enhanced cabling)

Cat5e cable is known as an improved version of Cat5 cabling. And with the enhanced signal carrying capacity, it is faster than Cat5 cable. Cat5e was made to support Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabyte Ethernet speeds over short distances and is backward compatible with Cat5. Meanwhile, it decreases the chance of crosstalk, the interference you sometimes inevitable to get between wires inside the cable. Cat5e cable also features improved durability because of improvements in the quality of the PVC protective jacket. It is more than suitable for most data cabling requirements.

Cat6 (Category 6)

 Cat6 cable is the next step up from Cat5e. and it was specifically designed to consistently deliver 1 Gigabit Ethernet. When it comes to interference, Cat6 cable has even stricter specifications. Since the improvement in interference makes no big difference in regular usage, there is no need to rush out to Cat6 upgrade. However, when you propose to buy a new cable, you could try Cat6 because it is an improvement over the former types.

Cat6a (Cat6 augmented)

 Cat6a is designed to 10 Gigabit speeds and is backward compatible with all the existing standards. Besides, it can be used in industries utilizing high-performance computing platforms to support very high bandwidth-intensive applications.  Server farms, storage area networks, data centers and riser backbones are common 10G/Cat6a applications.

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